Hi, my name is Reina ✋🏽

I am a passionate marketer, WordPress web developer and digital creator with a knack for making ideas come to life.

  • I develop responsive and user-friendly websites for clients across different industries.
  • I implement SEO strategies to enhance website visibility and user traffic.
  • I collaborate with teams to bring innovative ideas to life and meet project deadlines.

Navigating through the digital world is like walking up a spiral staircase; with each step, we ascend to new heights, discovering fresh perspectives and opportunities.”


Implemented effective SEO strategies to drive organic traffic and improve website rankings.

Web Development

Skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript & more, crafting appealing, user-friendly websites.

User Experience

Expertise in (UX) design, and implementing intuitive interactions for optimal digital engagement.


From strategy development to implementation, I offer tailored solutions to boost your brand.

Project Management

Skilled in project management for efficient workflows, timely, on-budget outcomes.


Expert in setup of Google Analytics and Search Console to provide data-driven insights.

Edge Website Project
Projects Practice website

Art by Reina

When I’m not creating websites I’m still creating.

Whether it is making almond milk lattes or baking. I enjoy the art of creating.

Pictured here is a tulip latte design with Colombian organic coffee beans paired with a chocolate cupcake with sprinkles.

Want to see more of my creations? Follow me on instagram @lattevida

An artist at heart I enjoy painting and creating art. Currently working on a yoga space and created this piece to go in it.

Jewelry making is another thing to add to my artistic creations. I create jewelry. Here’s my newest line using reclaimed watch pieces to create beautiful pieces of jewelry.

If you see anything you like. All art pieces and jewelry are available to purchase at Pink Olive Boutique